Pretty Little Liars Spring Finale Shocker!


Pretty Little Liars has yet again left our mouths hanging open from all the revelations in their spring finale!

A is for Answers” marks the fourth season finale.This episode was said to be their best finale yet (having watched it,I most definitely agree).It is all about revelations,when Alison DiLaurentis tells her four best friends,Aria,Emily,Hanna,and Spencer, everything that had happened to her the night of her disappearance back in September.

The liars now know everything,but they still could not figure out who Big A is,and Ali could not go back home yet knowing that the person who wants to hurt her is still out there.


Here are the show’s biggest revelAtions yet:

Alison went to visit Jenna and taunt her about the video and warn her not to threaten her. While leaving, Ali got a text that said “Bitch can’t see, but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you. -A” Ali was able to cross Jenna off her A list.

  • Alison’s mother forbid her to go to the barn. When Mrs. DiLaurentis wasn’t looking, Ali stole her sleeping pills and left.
  • As soon as she could, Ali drugged the girls so as to eliminate them from being A. She then left the barn to go meet Toby, then Ian and confront him to tell him that he’s going to jail.
  • Alison then got into Ezra’s car to talk to him about her lying to him.
  • Ali went back to the barn to find a crazed Spencer, waiting for her. After the fight in the kitchen, Alison walks out and when Spencer follows with the shovel, Spencer trips and the amphetamine pills fall out of her pocket. Alison pieces two and two together, but Alison swears not to tell. She walks Spencer back to the barn and watches Spencer  fall asleep. Beleiving she is victorious over A, Alison walks home. Her mother sees her through the window and looks angry. But all of a sudden, someone throws a sharp stone at Alison’s head. Ali’s mom sees who it is and immediately proceeds to bury the barely conscious Alison. Alison hears hear say “Why?Why?” But as we all know, Mrs. Grunwald pulls her out and takes her to the hospital and Alison runs away, afraid.
  • Soon Mona sees Alison and takes her to the Lost Woods Resort, pretending to be a friend and helping her to get a wig and car, and telling her to sleep. In the next room, there is Mona’s lair and she is brushing the Alison doll’s hair. “Such a pretty, pretty girl”
  • CeCe is caught and arrested by the cops.

  • Jessica DiLaurentis saw Alison get hit than preceded to bury her.

  • Ezra Fitz claims he knows who “A” is

  • Jessica is assumed to have died since she is seen getting buried.

  • Alison DiLaurentis pushed Ian Thomas from the bell tower and knew he was still alive afterwards.

  • Ezra was shot by A

  • Alison claimed she was screaming telling Jessica that she was alive, but Jessica didn’t comprehend this due to the fact she believed Alison dead

  • Alison used Ian’s tapes to try to figure out who “A” was

  • “A” texted they would kill Alison at night

  • Melissa Hastings knows who killed the girl in Alison’s grave

  • CeCe Drake knew Ali was alive, and she knows who killed the girl in her grave

  • Alison revealed that she was on a trip with Ian and while Melissa confronted Ian, Ali found and stole Ian’s NAT videos from his laptop.

  • Alison was knocked unconscious with a stone, not a shovel.


The biggest shocker from this season finale would have to be Ezra getting shot.It’s sad how we’ve all spent the entire fourth season being all suspicious of him,when we were just mislead to believe that he is A.

ImageCould Ezra possibly be still alive? If he is,would his near-death experience heal his previous relationship with Aria and spark their romance once again?

With Alison providing the answers to the questions that has been haunting us all since the first season,many PLL fans have been mixing up theories of their own.Are we right about our suspicions all along? I can’t say for sure,since Marlene King does have a way of throwing a plot twist (that we have never even thought about being possible) every now and then,completely twisting our ideas,causing us to be skeptic and form new theories all over again.

We’ve found out so much stuff we never even knew about each character from Pretty Little Liars,how come it is so hard for us to find out who A really is and what is his/her exact motive that drives him/her to hurt Alison and her friends?

Well,we sure can’t wait until June 10,where Pretty Little Liars will air their 5th season,again providing answers to the questions they left us all behind with back in their season 4 finale.

A late response to My Chemical Romance’s breakup


I know it has been almost over a year since they had disbanded,but I never really got to write a response.No words came out right.Thoughts I cannot even fathom.Until a year later,I finally had gathered it altogether.

This may (or may not) really reach the band,but I just want to pour my thoughts out and get these feelings off of my chest.

Alright *heaves a deep sigh*,here goes:

When Gerard mentioned how “My Chemical Romance will live on because it is an idea and not a band”,up to this moment,I still refuse to believe in so.
An “idea” is just something that exists mentally,and My Chemical Romance was definitely something more than that.

My Chemical Romance was neither a band,nor an idea.They served a purpose.To others,it might seem silly and even unrealistic to say how a “band” could possibly “save lives”?
Generally speaking,even these artists may not realize it too,but they actually play a big role in the lives of their supporters.

When us fans thank a band or an artist for “helping us get through stuff in our lives”,we don’t just say
it because “we’re your fans and we support your music”,we say it because we whole-heartedly mean it.However,they are not fully aware of the positive multi-dimensional social effects that they have impacted,which is saddening,and we could never thank them enough for that.

Music has always been a way of communication.The “fandoms” that we’re in is like an extension of our family,we all got to meet new people from all over the world,either personally or through the internet,because we all shared a similar interest.An interest that wouldn’t have been born without you.

We grew altogether as a family.

Though you may not know each of us personally,we both found a way to get to know each other more through the songs that you create,and through our response,fan/artist speaking.

This is the purpose that they have served.They served to help us through our own struggles in life by simply putting it down to writing and creating something beautiful out of it-music.

We all saw the passion in everything that you did,it is what made you guys phenomenal! We all know that you knew how fantastic you were.My Chemical Romance was extraordinary.

Sadly,passion eventually fades,and when it does,you lose interest in doing what you used to love to do,then you grow hateful of it.

We knew in that moment,there was something wrong.Something was off.Gerard said himself that in one of their shows,he started “acting”,which wasn’t very much of himself.

Although Gerard himself said that the “triggerman” of the breakup was “unimportant”,no one is entirely sure of this,but I believe that that triggerman could possibly be the music industry itself.How they were turned into something they are not,doing things they had grown tired of and actually getting paid for it! (which they hated),and not being able to do things they usually do.The industry probably was turning their music into something very different,distorting it from what they really sound like.They were not themselves anymore and thus,losing their freedom as a band.

All of us were stunned at the post that Gerard made over a year ago,calling the band quits,but we all saw it coming too,not just this soon,though.It was very emotional for all of us knowing it isn’t that simple to move on from something that has been there by your side for many years.That’s the hard part about getting too attached to bands.But like they say,”All good things must come to an end”.So it did.

We felt hurt,but then felt happiness at the same time.

Hurt,for knowing that your heroes are never to return again.
Happiness,for knowing that they only did such thing to find it themselves once again.

Moreover,it would be a pain for us fans to see you still perform knowing that you had completely lost it in you.It would be completely meaningless,and we wouldn’t want to see you live your lives like that.

All I can say is that,you are more than loved,you are appreciated,and we wholly respect the decisions that you have made.Goodluck to all of you in whatever path you may take on in life.We wish you guys all the best.Thank you for the amazing 12 years.

So I think it is not fair to just say that this “band” you speak of was just another “idea”.The idea,however,was great,it is what sparked into reality My Chemical Romance.

You guys are not just a band or an idea,okay? because,ideas are limited to existing only within our minds.My Chemical Romance was a result of a great idea.

The result itself is the reason it will live on,

in you,

in all of us,

and not the idea.

We’ll carry on.We hope you do too.


- Alyanna

The Black Parade is NOT Dead! – An audio split from My Chemical Romance


This is an audio split of the song “Welcome To The Black Parade” that you probably haven’t heard before.I just thought this is worth sharing to all you MCR fans out there.The amount of chills my body had when listening to this felt paralyzing.

On the left ear is the studio version

On the right ear is the live version from “The Black Parade is Dead!

Taylor Swift Brings RED Tour To Manila


With a whopping 1.2 million copies sold on the opening, and currently holds the highest record opening week sales in a decade,her album,Red,sold better than her previous album Speak Now,and is bringing her tour here.

The 24-year old Country/Pop artist,Taylor Swift,is coming back to Manila again on June 6th for a one-night show of her Red Tour at the MOA Arena.On February 13,Taylor announced on her website her return to Southeast Asia.The Southeast Asia leg of her tour consists of Jakarta (June 4), Manila (June 6), Bangkok (June 9), Kuala Lumpur (June 11), and Singapore (June 12).

As soon as the tickets went on sale last February 20,a sudden rush of Filipino swifties came and unbelievably sold out her entire show in just an hour and fifty minutes!

This isn’t Taylor’s first time to be in Manila though.She played,yet again,another sold-out show here back in February 2011 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum with a crowd estimate of 11-13 thousand.Expect the crowd to be greater in number this time around.

Taylor Swift Live in Manila Seat Plan


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Brace yourselves,everybody,for another fierce line from MAC.Expect empty shelves as soon as it hits the market.

This was eventually going to happen,yet how could we not see it coming? This exciting collaboration with the Royals singer,Lorde,was probably born of her relationship with the MAC Senior Artist,Amber Dreadon,who has been doing her tour looks and was the genius behind Lorde’s stand-out Grammy lips,by mixing a combination of the shades Heroine and Cyber.Now,we’re expecting a full line of cosmetics here,not just some signature lippies line.


Lorde already was a fan of MAC cosmetics even before,and according to her:

I have loved MAC Cosmetics since I was a little kid. I remember saving up to buy my very first MAC lipstick [Snob] at 14, and it was used by about 20 of my friends! MAC has a very clear aesthetic, that has always felt fashion forward to me. So I was really excited to work with them on these products, which I use pretty much every day and night. I hope you will too.

Gerard Way Writes Letter On Fan/Artist Interaction Year After My Chemical Romance’s Breakup


It has been a year since My Chemical Romance‘s breakup,and yes,it has been hard for everyone,but Gerard Way promises to keep the fan/artist interaction alive,see what he has to say in this 1,079 word letter.

It would have been a fairly simple matter to not write a letter. We can often re-establish ourselves through simple action as opposed to words but that hasn’t been my style this year as I have become more open and connected. Which has been, like all things, both positive and negative. And if you are a casual follower then please, go about your normal business unless you feel there might be something in this letter for you. I am very close to having my own place on the web to put things like this.

1 year.

A year in and I had always thought I would take a look at things once it had passed since the breakup of the band. I saw a lot of great things, a lot of honesty and a lot of courage, a lot of self expression through words or art or feelings and it was rewarding to know you are followed, through your art, by people of such passion, conviction, and self awareness.

I have, for some time, felt that connecting too close would bring with it some negative things. Things out of my control but things nonetheless, and of course I was right, though this did not deter me from continuing to be open. But the last few months have felt different. And it wasn’t specifically any one event but the building up of many, and the sound of too much white-noise. Too much access leading to only the same type of confusion and unrest that I have seen throughout the year. But again I want to stress that all of this has been good progress and good learning. Positive and negative.

As an artist, I am continually reminded and encouraged to be of limited access to the audience. But I found that this is not my way- well, not all of the time. Actually it is both in and out of access I need to be. There is a time and a place for both. I have learned this.

When I started being open for the first time in what felt like ages, it truly did feel that it was helping. Helping some of us get through for sure but it also helped me a great deal in accepting things. It became a kind of therapy for me, and even the occasional anger and frustration I would field all added up in my head, creating a large broad-stroke picture.

The thing that was mildly disheartening, and resulting in somewhat of a restructuring of how I operate, is the division, or the need to create fantasies of separation in order to cure anger, boredom, or frustration.

It is difficult for people, including myself, to see the truth for what it is- again because it is boring, and it doesn’t agitate or excite us in the same way as a fantasy, like a drug. But in the year, something that stood out was witnessing a fair amount of people try to divide up a situation, like a band, into “camps” or “sides”. Literally seeking to pull apart the very friends that created the reason we even have a dialogue, why you are even interested. If I could say there is any kind of behavior that I would rather not have witnessed it was that. The aims of the confused or bored. But I’m glad that I did because it makes sense- that in all the chaos of a break-up people needed an order of things, and a side to take, fictitious in origin as they may be.

But I think the thing that I learned the most, and have come to embrace, is the simple fact that you cannot, and will not take everyone with you. As an empath it is in our nature to want to reach everyone, share with everyone, get everyone to love each other to keep the feeling in the room somewhat manageable for the empathetic as opposed to the rollercoaster of extreme emotions which tend to feel like going from feeding ducks in a pond to witnessing a car accident. It’s the same when playing live for ten people or ten thousand. A rush-in of emotion, good and bad, it becomes the performers job to then inspire a positive connection throughout the audience, that they then share, though we can sometimes fail at this, and often it is because of a very vocal and negative minority. The performer lets that bit get through the wall and it starts to fall apart. You have seen it before when going to see your favorite band live. I call it “the one-finger” rule, and a person that possesses a desire for a negative reaction a “one-finger” because it is usually within an audience of a thousand raised sets of hands in togetherness that, if you look hard enough, you will find the one middle-finger extended out. Almost 100% of the time it isn’t negative but the desire for a reaction, which is all any of us really want- a reaction. To be loved.

Know this, that I am aware it exists and I’m also aware it is small. I am aware it is simple noise, easily tuned out if in the right headspace, which we are all capable of. I would like to imagine that all of us, including my friends know this as well. I don’t generalize a tremendous fanbase like this one. It would be naïve. The outpouring of positive emotion and support for an idea and it’s individuals has been unmanageable in it’s size. So thank you.

But it has always been my job to create, not ask you what I should create before I do it, as that would do you an enormous disservice. This time I do not seek a bubble, or to close myself off. I seek to keep the thread alive, but a thread and not an alarm. This year has been a lot of fun and I feel now that I know you all more, even if I never responded to you, than I ever did before and what I have come to know is love, and how different each one of us is, and how much we all have to share.

I’ve got a lot of work to do this year, and I would love it if you joined me but I understand if you cannot. I will be here, creating, regardless, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.